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Sept. 28, 2020

Dear Evergreen Parents and Guardians,

I hope that you had a safe and enjoyable weekend.  Thank you to all who have written to me since Friday.  I’ve attempted to answer those questions here.  

Overall we are bringing back 91 students in the AM session and 95 students in the PM session.  For the first few days, until we execute our patterns of movement hallway, bus, car, and walker we ask that you remain patient. As we refine our procedures, processes will go more smoothly and efficiently.     

Parent Pick-up and Drop Off Times - Parents and Guardians can drop off at 8:30 a.m. (For AM students) and 12:25 p.m. (For PM students) and pick up at 11:15 a.m. (For AM students) and 3:05 p.m. (For PM students).  The mid-day transition will likely take some time and is the most intricate part of the day. 

We recognize that this is quite a logistics for families balancing multiple students.  Grace will be shown related to attendance tardies as we work through this first week, learning and refining out routines.  Please contact the front office with any particular transportation questions or needs.  

CORRECTION From Friday’s PR - To start, Students in grades K-2 will NOT be carrying their chromebook or laptop to and from school. Teachers at each grade level will inform parents if and when students need to bring in their devices to school.  

MASKS/Face Coverings -  Please see the  CDC- Mask/Face Covering Protocol.  This protocol is what we are following at PV.  I received a few questions about gators.  You can see that the CDC does not recommend the wearing of gators.  In school our staff who choose to wear shields are combining that with a mask.  The mask should cover the nose and mouth and have two layers of material.  Informally, if you can feel your breath through the mask it is not as effective.  

I received some questions about the daily cleaning schedule.  Detail are outlined here:

Cleaning Schedule/Detail 

Mid-day clean detail:

  • All desks, tables, chairs, light switches, door knobs, handles, bathrooms, and anything high touch (dispensers, toilet seats) WIPED down.  Surface dry time = 10 minutes.  *Please make sure students remove all items from desks tops before leaving.
  • Student bathrooms and hallways will be cleaned midday.  
  • Custodians will not clean classrooms during instructional time; will provide teachers with sanitizing wipes to address surfaces during instruction at teacher discretion.   
  • Floors and surfaces will be sprayed during the night shift  
  • GENERAL AREAS (Hallways, faculty bathrooms, stairwells, hallway doors)
    • Will occur 3-4 times per day 
    • Faculty/staff bathrooms cleaned with hallway runs during the day. 

As I receive more questions, and as we go through the next few days, I plan to provide further updates.  


Ryan Stanson-Marsh