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Sept. 17, 2020

Dear Evergreen Parents and Guardians,

I hope that all is well with you today.  Thank you for efforts to support learning.  I’ve had a number of conversations about the work being done at home to support our students' engagement and do understand what a challenge it can be.  Your toil contributes directly to student success.

We are looking forward to the anticipated return of K-2 students on September 29.  You will see a survey below, seeking your input, as we work to finalize plans.  Next week, I intend to share more details related to the return of students. Conceptually, the only variable changing for hybrid students is their location.  The schedule will remain the same half day schedule they have been following.  Again, more to come next week.  

There is no school tomorrow, September 18 (Rosh Hashanah).

Wednesday, September 23rd Half Day.  

Here is the schedule for September 23 half day inservice for hybrid students.  Virtual students will attend with their teachers in the morning. 

Phased Reopening School Plan Timeline:  Please see the Phased Reopening Timeline

On September 29 we are planning to bring back hybrid model students in grades K-2.  Hybrid students will continue to attend following the same schedule that they have in the virtual setting.   

Informal Transportation Survey:  We are seeking anticipated traffic flow for the expected return of students on September 29, in the hybrid model.  We ask that you complete this  Informal Transportation Survey as it will inform the finalization of our arrival and dismissal and planning for resource allocation.  

Meet the Teacher Night on October 1

Parent Copy of Meet the Teacher Night Schedule

Meet the Teacher Night this year will be conducted virtually via ZOOM this year.  The schedule shared is intended to provide parents and guardians with flexibility so that parents and guardians of multiple students can meet their teachers. 

Evergreen Home and School Asks that you complete this survey regarding a possible Outdoor Event in October.  October Event Survey

Hello Evergreen Families! We need your input. We are discussing plans for a possible outdoor H&S event in October but would like to understand our families interest in attending such an event before we go through the planning process. Any event we hold would adhere to current mandates. This means the event would be limited to a max of 250 people, remain socially distant throughout the event, and masks would be required at all times. Because our events typically draw in more than 250 people, we would likely have to use timed entries. Attendees would need to enter within the time period they selected and must exit the event at the end of their time period. We would plan for a buffer between groups to allow time for folks to leave before the next group comes in. We would likely not be able to take walk-ins on the day of the event, so pre-registration would be required. As for the event itself, it may be a Trunk or Treat event but with some additional modifications such as adults must hand out the candy vs kids just reaching into a bowl and taking the candy, but we are also brainstorming on another idea as well.

On Behalf of everyone at Evergreen, I wish you a safe and enjoyable weekend.


Ryan Stanson-Marsh

Interim Principal, Evergreen Elementary